Warriors Of The World

We alone are fighting, for metal that is true.
We only ride to live the fight, we’re here for all of you

     So the past few weeks have been awesome! I finally got into a groove with the whole recording process on the podcast and now that I have all the equipment I need, I can improve on the quality almost exponentially. It’s awesome when things are going right, I busted my ass and put in a bunch of work to be able to deliver quality entertainment to all of you metal parents! If even one of you gets some enjoyment out of this, I’m happy. Coming up with new content has proven to be a challenge, not for lack of things to write or speak about, but for an abundance of things to sift through. All in all, I think I’m taking some major steps in the right direction and that we together can build a stronger metal community.

Now swear the blood upon your steel, we’ll never try.

Stand and fight together, beneath a metal sky!

     So I think it’s funny how the first band I ended up talking about on my Youtube channel ended up being the first one I interviewed in person on the podcast. The strangest part is that I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. As soon as Brian set foot in the studio, I handed him a beer and we carried on as if we were the best of friends. We conversed about the metal scene altogether, our influences, how the drive up was for him and for a couple minutes I completely forgot I was at work! after smoking a cigarette, and going over the game plan for the interview we just said fuck it and got started. I’d have to say it went well, he was incredibly responsive, articulate, and had a genuine passion for the message that he was trying to convey. It went so well in fact, that we were able to do the whole thing in one take and I only minimally sounded like a jackass. It feels good to be able to elevate people though, I know that the band didn’t need my help to get the word out about their upcoming shows and creative endeavors but it still feels amazing to be able to spread their listenership to a whole new audience. Such is the way in the metal community though, it doesn’t matter where we stand politically, morally, or spiritually. We take care of one another, and we have each other’s backs unconditionally for the most part. No other community that I have ever been a part of has been nearly as inclusive and fulfilling as this one.

Brothers everywhere, raise your hands into the air.

We’re warriors, warriors of the world!

     The offspring have been all kinds of excited with all the new changes! In order to record effectively, I have to constantly research current happenings such as the Kreator album release I discussed in episode 2 or the metal history section that I added in episode 3. What this means is that they are being exposed to new music and more importantly, it’s something that they can help me with! Being every bit as much a parenting show as a metal show, they relish the fact that I actually listen to their opinions. This also means that I get some quality memories as well such as my 5 year old trying to say “totalitarian terror” or my 2 year old asking to hear “fahl kins” (for all kings). and more importantly it’s been an excellent way to bond! I can’t help but feel proud when I catch them banging their head or randomly breaking out into air guitar solos. It’s the moments like that which make all the heartache,  sleeplessness, and stress associated with parenting worth it in the end!


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Episode 3.5

Interview with Brian Stone from contortion, some of the causes that are important to the band, and their plans for world domination!

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/contortion_music

Episode 2

Life according to a metal dad podcast Episode 2! talking about the new Kreator album, gear snobs, pulling my oldest out of piano lessons and a phone interview with Eric from Dead Horse Trauma! Thanks to my family for helping me pull this one off.

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