Part Chimp – iV

IV Hits the Main Vein

From the genre’s very conception, England has been a haven for heavy rock acts that push boundaries and leave lasting impressions on their listeners. About two hours down the M-40 from Black Sabbath’s proverbial stomping grounds, their influence lives on in bands like Part Chimp.  The introductory track “Namekuji” features a sludgy, fuzz-saturated main riff with feedback-ridden squeals providing ambience……

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Part Chimp – iV

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Episode 5

Disneyland with the family, My outlook on Parenting, Interview with Sean from Neverfall, The history of American metal and the beginning of Metallica!

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Dreaming Dead – Funeral Twilight

Death Metal in its Most Primal, and Uncorrupted State

So I know I had originally set out to do a track by track review but after looking into it further, it’s only going to detract from the album for me to review it that way. Funeral Twilight Begins with “Your Grave” featuring fast paced, searing intensity, Schuldiner-esque tremolo picking, gratuitous use of the ride cymbal, and powerful vocal work, separated by a lengthy and articulate guitar solo. Going into the title track, it became evident that the frenzied pace would not let up. The entire release is reminiscent of Death’s spiritual healing era. There’s a sort of grittiness and unrefined edge present throughout the recording, giving it a more authentic live feel. Elizabeth’s vocals were nothing short of spectacular throughout the release, she skillfully tore through the mix with her enraged roars and primal gutturals.

Who will enjoy this album? By the end of this sentence it will have been my third reference to them, but fans of Death’s early work will find an eerie similarity to their playing and vocal style within Funeral Twilight and for those who would call it an exaggeration, compare “Living Monstrosity” from the Spiritual Healing album to “Your Grave” the first track of Funeral Twilight. Any lifelong death metal fanatic should experience a sense of nostalgia upon giving this album a turn, as it captures a death metal style that is incredibly faithful to the developmental stages of the genre. This album is a must have for any death metal purist, plain and simple.

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I’m adding some structure….

So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve got a couple album reviews up. So far the ones that I’ve put up are linked to where I’m writing professionally. I don’t want to merely phone it in so to speak, so i’ll be putting some reviews up that are going to be featured exclusively here.  Check the thumbnail for anything I put up in the review section, if it shows the mxdwn logo it’s linked from there and if you see album art it’s just for you to enjoy! Or hate, whatever, fuck you.


P.S. I’m well aware I promised a review for the Dreaming Dead and Overkill albums. They’re coming.



Junius – Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light

As Sinister and Dramatic As It Is Melodic…

Released this past March, Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light marks Junius’ third full-length album release into the world. The LP begins with “March of the Samsara,” immediately grabbing the listener’s attention with an eerie yet reverberant backing section amid crushing guitar tone that is just as sinister and dramatic as it is melodic. Amid the symphonic elements that weave together in the rhythm section, rich and sonorous vocals permeate the mix almost to the same effect as Peter Steele’s delivery during the opening to “Christian Woman,” but with a more nefarious aura…..

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