Seasons in the Abyss

We all get lost in life at some point or another. Some choose to find a way out, some collapse under the weight of it all, and others choose to remain in the dark until they are ready to find their way. I tried to be the first type, but it seemed like the more I tried, the deeper I found myself buried. I never collapsed, as is evident by my being here writing this now. That leaves the last option. Once I learned patience, I found I had the strength to be able to embrace whatever situation life threw my way and ride out the storm until it was over. There have been ups and downs as can be expected, but when life was at its hardest I didn’t turn and run, I stood firm and faced the turmoil. I’m not writing this to set myself on a pedestal. I wrote this because I know someone, somewhere, is struggling to keep their head above water and I want them to know that if they just take a deep breath and focus on what is important they just might make it out before they drown. That is what metal is about. Nobody in this world is more important than you are. When you are down you don’t curl into a ball and give up, you stand up with your middle finger raised and knock the shit out of what put you down in the first place! That is what metal is about. When you are excluded and abandoned, you find pride in all that you have done for yourself and that which is dear to you. That is what metal is about. I sit here and I think of all the things I’ve gone through, the mistakes I’ve made, and how there were many obstacles in the road that led me to where I am today. If I had stopped to look for the light, I might have never made it. As a father, I think constantly about how I can prepare my children once they get to a point where they can decide to blaze trails of their own. I keep coming back to a set of lyrics:

Close your eyes, look deep in your soul, step outside yourself and let your mind go….

The conclusion I’ve drawn is that the only way to prepare them is to teach them to have value in themselves. No matter what the situation is, they need to know that they have the strength within themselves to withstand the test of time and that they do not need anybody to pick their path for them. This goes for you too. You are only worth as little or as much as you think that you are. You don’t have to spend the seasons in the abyss like I did, I’ve gone through it so that you don’t have to. \m/etal dad out.

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