The Gods Made Heavy Metal

In the beginning there was silence and darkness, all across the earth….

So, I’ve been slacking on the page lately. Haven’t recorded a new video in a month, haven’t been making new blog posts, and haven’t been engaging with the page as much as I could have been. It’s been a hell of a busy month nonetheless! If you guys and girls couldn’t tell from all the updates, I’ve picked up playing guitar again about a month ago after being without one for about six years. I can’t really point out what possessed me to pick one up, it just felt right. I went to one of the local pawn shops (the closest music shop worth a shit is about 80 miles from me) and among the wall adorned with Les Pauls, Stratocasters, and hollow bodies I saw a beat to shit BC Rich Trace Warbeast and knew that was the one for me. I know eventually people are going to catch on and flame me for buying what amounts to a warlock on steroids but fuck ‘em. It’s the perfect guitar for making metal, and I’ll tell you why. First off, just look at the fucking thing! The pointed body, the beveled edges, and the whole over the top nature that it portrays should scream to play songs about destruction, mayhem, and generally badass stuff. I see a lot of the same complaints: “The points hurt your leg when you sit down to play.” “BC Rich makes nothing but shit.” “Why buy one of these when I can get 2 Fender strats for the same price?” And I say, it’s supposed to hurt. You shouldn’t be comfortable playing fucking metal, you should treat your guitar as a beast that needs to be tamed! The body is heavy, the neck dives, the fret spacing is long but it’s perfect. If it could speak words it would only say “fuck you” and laugh. That is why I love it.

From Down below, fire melted the stone. The ground shook, and started to pound

Out of my time away, three weeks were spent relaxing away from work. Started building a guitar case, Saw an awesome local show (White knuckle riot, Dead horse trauma, and Chrysalis), took the family to the beach, and enjoyed the fact that I could spend some time with the wife and offspring and just chill. Came up with a bunch of material for the YouTube channel, which will get thrown up whenever I can get to it. Having time to record and edit has been nonexistent lately, but what I am most proud of accomplishing over the break was writing music. I’m finally back to the point with my playing where I can translate my ideas into song, and it has been awesome. The only thing my youngest likes hearing more than Amon Amarth for the time being is her daddy playing. It’s worth every late night that I’ve spent going over scales hundreds of times, playing riffs till my fingers bled, and calling myself a moron because my riffs sucked just to see her smile and start dancing when I pull Fenrir (my guitar) out of his case and get to work. It’s also worth it to see my oldest take her piano playing more seriously just for the fact that I told her if she kept at it, I’d get her a guitar of her own one day. It’s amazing to see their little minds work every time they watch me practice and want to come up and learn about what I’m doing and even make the occasional request for me to play holy diver (my oldest lost her mind the first time I played it for her). It made me realize that I can sit and play Slayer, Testament, Dio, Maiden, or classic Metallica songs on my phone for them to hear but playing the songs with my own two hands over the last month has brought them closer to the metal state of mind than any album I’ve played for them in their entire life. So I’ll keep at it.

The gods made heavy metal, and they saw that it was good. They said to play it louder than hell! We promised we would

Making songs is the way to keep them engaged so I am going to be putting some effort into keeping myself motivated enough to not only keep doing it for me, but to keep doing it for them. I’ve got a pretty decent home setup now, and plan on putting a couple singles on the page and on the channel for all of you that are reading this to enjoy or hate on as well. I’ve got three sets of lyrics done and am about halfway done with the guitar track on two of them so far, here’s to hoping I can have them done and on the interweb sometime soon. It’s nice to have another way to spread the message, and I plan on doing so in the loudest & most vulgar way possible! -CRB

When losers say it’s over with, you know that it’s a lie. The gods made heavy metal, and it’s NEVER GONNA DIE!


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